What people say about Dr. Rich

I am grateful that I do not have to live in pain, but rather am able to live with a feeling of wholeness. I am grateful to Dr. Rich for his gentle manner and interest in my well-being, and for being an instrument in my process of continued good health.    Sister Celia                …

It just takes a willing person with a positive attitude and Dr. Rich’s magic hands to make one feel wonderful and positive about life again!     Jean M.

Thanks to Dr. Rich my daughter has a more active lifestyle, I am aware of the importance of good spinal health, and pain is no longer a familiar friend. I have been a patient for more than three years. To say that you are a hard worker would be an understatement. Over those years I have witnessed you go the extra mile for others, including myself and my family, for which I say thank you! I am honored to know you.     Keith W.

“I will be forever grateful for your magic touch. I am pain free after fourteen years. It is truly a blessing. I have walked to the top of Diamond Head in Hawaii and walked the walled city of Dubrovnick, Croatia.

I am so happy to be pain free. I thank God for this blessing and for you.”     Flora H.

“A small tendon in my left ankle had caused me to limp slightly for twenty years. I worked with specialists, including the foot doctor for the New York City Ballet. They had no solution. I was running, biking and walking despite this nagging reminder. My runs on the beach were shortened because of the condition. I thought I would never have long runs along the ocean again. A healer told me to visit Dr. Schwarz. He adjusted my ankles and did what he does, and within DAYS I was walking without pain. Runs on the beach go for miles now.

Twenty years of pain were healed within the first few visits. I’m so grateful to him and I appreciate his quiet style. He is now part of my maintenance program.”      David Brooks