Dr. Rich has always had a fascination about the nature of things and how they worked. As a former satellite design engineer and dealing with the demands of how to put an object in space and keep it there, he thought he was working with the ultimate in cutting edge technology. It wasn’t until he became a chiropractic patient that he understood how supreme the human body was, and in particular the nervous system. The turning point was when he understood how involved the nervous system was in virtually every disease and healing process, and how intricate the spine was with the nervous system.

The improvement to his own well being after suffering from headaches for 17 years was so impactful that in 1994 Dr Rich left the field of engineering and became a student at Palmer West College of Chiropractic.

For eighteen years now, Dr Rich has been whole-heartedly dedicated to making a difference for others. He is absolutely convinced that healthier living is a possibility for everyone. He believes that getting well and staying well is not necessarily the result of outside sources. His family practice thrives on his commitment to facilitate and maximize your body’s natural healing power, assisting you to live better.

Along with his three daughters, son and wife Carrie, Dr Rich’s passion is to create and celebrate a bright life. At home he enjoys bringing family and friends around conversation and delicious food, playing golf with his son Shane, singing at the piano with his girls Maxie, Renee and Ginger, or adorning their latest “girls only” fort with Christmas lights. Dr Rich loves to play golf and volleyball,  adventure in the Canadian outdoors, and being out in the community coaching soccer and basketball.  Whether it’s spending the day with family or seeing all of you at Schwarz Chiropractic, his common purpose is designing a beautiful life and living it well.